Oliver Willis

This Is The Saddest Thing Carly Fiorina’s Done In Her Sad Presidential Campaign

Carly Fiorina will not be the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, and if everyone on the GOP side dropped out and gave her the nomination, she would never be elected President.

Her campaign is sad, just like her resume is sad. She nearly killed Hewlett Packard, got kicked off the campaign trail by McCain, then had her Senate campaign go splat when tons of other Republicans were winning races all over the country.

And the spectacle of her whole campaign being a noun, verb, and Hillary Clinton is just sad.

It gets worse.

Fiorina has launched a sub-site called “Ready to Beat Hillary.”

There’s not much to the site, just some out of context quotes, an attempt to capture email addresses and donations. But it’s just sad. Fiorina might not even make the cut for the Fox-hosted Republican debates, and is trying to distinguish herself from the other candidates but they don’t have her sad baggage.

Sad Carly Fiorina is sad.