Fox News Can’t Find Any Black People Who Like Black People

David Webb, Right Wing Radio Host Beloved By Fox News
David Webb, Right Wing Radio Host Beloved By Fox News

Whenever a black person shows up on Fox News, the odds are that they’re on to speak about a racial issue and that they will take the opposite side of black people on the issue. In the case of the attack on the young black teenagers in McKinney, Texas, Fox follows a predictable pattern.

The conservative point of view isn’t popular with black Americans, and within that 15% of the U.S. population it represents a small minority of a minority. Yet the image Fox presents is of a black America directly in line with the conservative policies that are focused on pushing blacks into the margins.

It isn’t by accident. Fox knows what it is doing. The best way to encourage aggressive conservative views about blacks is to present black voices parroting those views. It allows conservatives to believe they aren’t exhibiting a racist point of view because “that black man on Fox” agreed with them.

It’s utter nonsense, but this is the Fox model.