Media Matters For My Mom & Family


I just wanted to write a public note of appreciation for Media Matters for America for their help and understanding during this time of my mom’s passing.

Media Matters has been generous with time and caring as my family has dealt with this unexpected blow. They have personally been there for me with an open heart.

Media Matters also helped to alleviate the financial burden of giving my beloved mom the sendoff she so deserved.

I want to thank everyone there for helping, but particularly our CEO Bradley Beychok as well as Matt Gertz, Ben Dimiero and Julie Millican for their generous allowances of time off as I dealt with my mother’s illness.

In today’s world, places of employment can be callous and indifferent towards their employees during times of personal sacrifice. This is not the case with Media Matters, an organization I am proud to be affiliated with.

Thank you.