Why The Right Blames The Liberal Media For Its Own Screw-Ups


According to the right, America is a center-right nation. To hear them tell it, there isn’t a single issue that the American mainstream disagrees with them on, from domestic policy to international relations and beyond. So, if this is the case, how can the back to back presidential elections of Barack Obama, coupled with the fluid state of the Senate leadership — along with a House that was in the hands of the Democrats just five years ago — be explained?

The media.

Yes, the all powerful, all omniscient mainstream media. According to conservatives the media is so in the tank for the left and is so persuasive, that Americans are putty in its hands, willing to vote for horribly anti-American Democrats despite their own innate conservatism.

Of course, this is the same media with a track record of promoting failed television shows, movies, albums, and multi-billion dollar brands. Yet somehow they can elect Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents on a whim.

Of course, the “liberal media” is really just a crutch for the right. It is a convenient scapegoat to excuse bad conservative candidates, campaigns, and issues. This way, the failure of conservatism on the free market never has to be addressed. It was the liberal media, in the conservatory, with the candlestick.

If the mainstream media has any biases, it is towards the simple and the centrist. The press enjoys the stories that can be told in as few words as possible, and more often than not this ends up in service of Republican-invented storylines and memes that have often been chopped up to within an inch of their lives and diced into cable-friendly bites. The other media bias in favor of the sensible centrist, the dopey idea that the way to solve problems is to simply cut the issue in half, with either side purportedly feeling a little pain in service of the greater good. The problem is, when you peel apart this solution from the Morning Joe set, the practical application of this inclination is to take the equivalent of a penny from the super-rich while also inflicting yet more hardship on the poor and middle class. For many journalists, they simply don’t care. They’ve got upper middle class lives to lead and screw everyone else below them.

The bias that isn’t real is the idea that Democrats are treated with kid gloves by the press. Democrats are vetted as intensely as Republicans, from their family histories to absurd campaign-generated controversies. To claim, as conservatives do, that nobody looked into Barack Obama’s background despite his own biography and nearly as many tomes exploring his family history as there were with Bill Clinton, is to show to the world sour grapes over his electoral college victories and not much else.

To concede that the liberal media myth is a lie and a sham kept alive by the right for political convenience (you never have to change if you can blame everything on the unseen phantom) would be a concession that sometimes conservatism does lose, that it is fallible and not the ideology of God himself. And they just can’t have that, so the liberal media charade just marches on and on.