Oliver Willis

Rudy Giuliani, An “Obscure Pol”

Rudy Giuliani

A phenomenon I have run into for years and years on the right reared its head again today. When a conservative figure steps outside of the self-reinforcing right wing media bubble (Fox News and talk radio) and into the harsh light of the real world where we’ve move passed the right wing high water mark of 1955-ish, they throw the guy or gal under the bus with lightning fast speed.

Someone can go from a top rated radio show host (hi Rush) or a member of the House of Representatives (Louis Gohmert, Michele Bachmann for instance) to “who?” so quickly.

Today’s “who” was Rudy Giuliani, in the news for again being stupid.

The provocateur was Noah Rothman, one of the writers for Salem Communication’s Hot Air blog (aka “Hot Gas” according to Rick Perry). In an exchange on Twitter about Giuliani’s hoof in mouth, Rothman described Giuliani as an “obscure pol.”

So once again we are treated to the dishonesty of the conservative media. There are few Republicans in the last 20 years as well known as Giuliani. Everybody currently running or considering running for the Republican presidential nomination is less well known than Giuliani. Giuliani is a frequent guest on Fox News, recently appeared on Meet the Press, was on the campaign trail with both Romney and McCain, ran for President himself, hosted Saturday Night Live, and oh yes was the mayor of New York City on 9/11.

It is impossible to be less obscure than Giuliani. But because he made things rough for the right in the press today, the man they called “America’s Mayor” had to be thrown away. He made things inconvenient, he disturbed the crafted narrative. He must be obscured.

Down the memory hole Giuliani went.