Oliver Willis

How One Jeb Bush Campaign Hire Reveals How Dumb The Political Press Is

Jeb Bush’s not quite campaign has made a new hire! The staffer in question is one David Kochel, who is being described by the political press as “key” hire for Bush, because hiring Kochel “is a sign that Mr. Bush is moving quickly to assemble his political team” according to the Wall Street Journal. It is a signal that “another important player has made his choice,” reports the Des Moines Register. And Bloomberg Horrible Person Mark Halperin raves that it is “1 of the 5 most significant developments of ’16 cycle so far.”

Man, this Kochel guy must be a heck of a get. He worked for Romney before, so this is a sign Jeb just signed an all-star, right?


If you remember, all the way back to the last election – three years ago – Mitt Romney came in second in Iowa. He lost to Rick Santorum in a nail-biter, despite supposed Iowa wunderkind Kochel orchestrating his campaign. Despite his better-funded campaign, Romney earned 34 less votes than Santorum, who stuck around for months and kept the contest interesting.

Well okay, surely Kochel had better luck in 2008 with Romney in Iowa?!


In 2008, again despite having a better funded campaign, Romney lost the Iowa Caucus to Mike Huckabee by 9.2%.

So Jeb Bush just hired the Iowa staffer who helped lead Romney to back-to-back losses to underfunded candidates who were so weak neither one went on to win the nomination (or even a vice-presidential slot). But according to the political press, who can’t remember last week let alone three years ago, this is a great hire.

Is it any wonder they get so much wrong?