Oliver Willis

24 Hours In America, 1/29/15

24 Hours In America is a summary of useful/entertaining/etc. information I’ve found over the last 24 hours, sometimes previewing the day ahead. If you find something interesting, send it to me @owillis or in email.

LORETTA LYNCH: The GOP is failing spectacularly at derailing Loretta Lynch’s nomination. Sen. Leahy threw a quote of Bill O’Reilly calling her a “hero” in the GOP’s face, while Ted Cruz and the Impotent Caucus made a lot of sound and fury signifying a lack of votes to derail her nomination.

HE JUST DID WHAT YOU WANTED: The American Family Association has fired Bryan Fischer for being a bigot but that doesn’t make any sense because he’s always been one. This time though his comments were being connected to the GOP.

GOOD RIDDANCE: Andrew Sullivan quit blogging. He called liberals fifth columnists, defended eugenics, and was a big backer of the Bush administration for several years. I won’t miss him.

Steve Jobs of Apple answers a question while sitting next to Bill Gates of Microsoft at an interview in New York, 1984

BRAVE SIR LEWIS: The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis (who will soon be sharing office space with racist Ted Nugent) wrote a mea culpa on idiot Sarah Palin, but he didn’t do it in the Caller where he might actually face criticism for bailing on one of the right’s most beloved icons.

PIVOT TO AUTHENTICITY: Mitt Romney is still acting as if he will run for President again. I’m still laughing. He gave a speech attacking Sec. Clinton, if you’re interested.

DEPT OF PLEASE PAY ATTENTION: Newsweek has produced yet another offensive magazine cover that won’t actually sell any magazines.

MCFIRED: McDonald’s fired its CEO, apparently the whole chicken wings thing was a giant fiasco and they lost millions of dollars on it because the wings were higher quality than usual McDonald’s kitchen fare.

JENNY MCCARTHY DEATH TOLL WATCH: Arizona is now monitoring thousands for measles because idiots won’t vaccinate their kids.

SUPER WATCH: The new Jimmy Olsen in the upcoming CBS Supergirl TV series is a black dude.

TEAM KOCH: Another day another conservative defense of Koch, which is continued proof that despite protests about Harry Reid’s attacks on them, it has had an effect.

CLOWN CAR WATCH: Scott Walker video about restoring America uses stock video of foreigners.

RESPECT THE CULTURE. NO.: Alabama continues to connect racist-ass Robert E. Lee and Dr. King.

ADORBS: Inside a hamster’s cheeks.