Oliver Willis

Campaign 2016 Postmortem: Whatever Happened To Benghazi?

In the wake of the disastrous 2016 Republican presidential campaign, I have to ask the party elites: Whatever happened to Benghazi? Instead of a campaign focusing on Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi attack, Republicans focused at least 20% of their time on other issues, including the economy, health care, and social security. But what about Benghazi?

The failure of our nominee to turn every question into a Benghazi attack was a glaring dereliction of duty. Like Benghazi.

Only 82% of paid political ads in favor of the Republican nominee mentioned Benghazi. And as a result, Clinton has won the race.

What the party must do now is retrench, rebrand, and recommit ourselves to bringing up Benghazi. All of the time. Every time. No matter the topic at hand or if its a long-since debunked conspiratorial accusations, we must invoke Benghazi with every breath we take. Only through this ad inifinitum repetition of the word can our party move forward and on to victory.

In conclusion: Benghazi.

Chet “Benghazi” Cartwright
Cedar Rapids Republican Party Acting Chairman