Oliver Willis

Sam Brownback’s Conservative Economics Are Continuing To Collapse In Kansas

Sam Brownback

This past fall, Gov. Sam Brownback survived re-election, even though the right wing economic policies he enacted in Kansas aren’t working. Brownback has used the state as a laboratory for the steady stream of ideas that emerge from DC-based conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. Of course, as we learned under President George W. Bush, this stuff does not work in the real world but instead can create a drag on economies.

Brownback’s policies have continued to fail the people of Kansas, as conservative economics always does.

Job growth in Kansas is practically stagnant. Brownback enacted tax cuts designed to attract business from Missouri, but it hasn’t worked. The most recent figures show that the Missouri side of Kansas City actually added over four times the amount of jobs as the Kansas side with the Brownback tax cuts.

Tax receipts are down, even though tax cuts are supposed to magically generate revenue and taxes from companies, according to conservatives.

A judicial panel ruled that thanks to Brownback’s tax cuts, K-12 schools in the state were inadequately being funded. The state will now have to find $500 million to make up the shortfall, but Brownback and allies are so dedicated to tax cuts there’s no indication where the cash will come from.

Conservative economics don’t work. They have never worked. They don’t work mathematically nor do they work in favor of anyone besides the ultra-wealthy (and even then, if the middle and lower classes are hurt it affects the bottom line of the super rich who depend on economic activity from the rest of us). Conservatives often insist that if their economic policies are allowed to be enacted without moderation from liberals, they will work like magic.

They don’t. They never will. And now the people of Kansas are suffering just as the rest of America has begun recovering.