Oliver Willis

MSNBC’s Scarborough: “I’m A Millionaire Elitist, The Same As Everyone Else”

(NEW YORK) – MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wants America to know that he is “a millionaire elitist” just like most Americans are.

The host and and alpha male of the cable news network’s Morning Joe program said he wants to “dispel any notions” that he experiences life any differently from anyone else.

“Like most Americans, I have a car service take me to my job in the morning, where I have makeup applied by an underling, then read off of a teleprompter and spout off my uninformed opinion to dozens of people watching across the country. Just like everyone else does.”

The former Republican congressman and eight-figure earner insists that the things he experiences – the luxury, hangers-on, and smugness – are no different than those experienced by others “who live humdrum lives of quiet dignity.”

“No if you’ll excuse me, I got some poor on my shoes this morning and if I don’t act now it will never come out.”