Oliver Willis

Microsoft Word Keeps Inserting “LOL” In Rand Paul Presidential Speech

(BOURBON, KY) – Rand Paul’s copy of Microsoft Word keeps inserting the phrase “LOL” in the document where he is composing his presidential announcement speech.

“Every time I write the phrase ‘when I am elected President’, the darn program inserts a string of ‘LOLs’,” the Kentucky Senator said. “Every time.”

A technology consultant from Babbages said he believed that Paul’s document was triggering his computer’s little used “credulity processor.”

“Usually these things never go off, but the very idea that Rand Paul could run for President and win — wow, give me a second to catch my breath — is making the credulity processor go into overdrive, and the net result of that function is the LOL insertion,” said Charlie Gover.

Sen. Paul said he would make several more attempts to type his speech, but if the disruptions continued he would write it in long form, as long as he can find a pen that can handle that much bullshit.