Oliver Willis

Senate Democrats Choose Tester To Keep Them In Permanent Minority

Jon Tester

Choosing Sen. Jon Tester to lead Senate Democratic campaign efforts is the kind of stupid loser party decision we’ve come to expect from Senate Democrats for years now.

The Republican leadership is almost all comprised of Republicans from safe districts and states. They are conservatives and not moderates (not that there’s many moderate Repubulicans left in Congress). You don’t see Republicans like Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe handed their party’s portfolio. Look at the top Senate Republican, Mitch McConnell. He’s from a hard red state.

By comparison, I don’t understand how the Democrats make these decisions. For years they’ve been led by Harry Reid in the Senate, whose state has gone from light red to purple, but it is still nonetheless a trickier environment for him to navigate than if the Senate Democratic leader came from New York, California, or even Maryland.

Senator Tester has been one of the more disappointing red state Democrats to be elected, a reliable ally of the NRA and a risky prospect at best on core Democratic issues. And he’s the one who has been chosen to lead Democrats out of the minority they’ve worked themselves into.

It’s the same loser mentality we saw with (South Dakota – red) Tom Daschle leading the Democrats to rubber stamp Bush’s war in Iraq. It doesn’t inspire anyone and it is a tacit acknowledgement that you aren’t going to fight, even before the first shot is fired.