Oliver Willis

Conservatives Say Obama Has Lost More US Troops Than Bush. That’s Crazy.

In the middle of one of my regular arguments with conservatives on Twitter, I was surprised to see several of them make the assertion that we had lost more U.S. troops in combat with President Obama than we did under President Bush.

Being a member in long standing of the reality based nation, I decided to do some Googling. It literally took all of 5 minutes to get the pertinent information, and to generate a chart in Excel, something I am far from an expert at.

Shocker: It isn’t true. It isn’t remotely true. It isn’t even close to true.

I made this chart using parameters very favorable to Bush. I included troop deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 under Obama’s numbers, when in fact the reality is even though he became commander in chief in January of 2009, his strategies in the region would not be implemented for several months.

Even under that wide latitude, bending over backwards really, the numbers just don’t compare.

It’s also worth noting the amount of American soldiers who died in Iraq in 2012: 1. And the amount who have died through November 20 of 2013: 0.

I should also further note that I was a supporter of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 under President Bush. I think we should leave now, but I think that our actions there were warranted by the attack on us on 9/11. I think the troops who have died there under both presidents did so for an actual, clear reason.

By comparison, Iraq was always a mistake and will always remain so. The troops died there because the Bush administration lied America into a war and refused to adjust our strategies there under a terrible Defense Secretary (Rumsfeld) for the venal satisfaction of his own, sick ego.

The deaths of American troops in both theaters stand in stark contrast to each other, and it is one of the reasons I often bring up Bush and his policies: It is wrong to send American soldiers to their deaths for lies or no real reason.