Oliver Willis

Next Phase Of The Fake Benghazi “Scandal”: We Have Questions!

What do you do when your big hearing with “whistleblowers” turns out to be a dud, as far as scandal-mongering goes? You pretend as if there are still NEW QUESTIONS to be asked.

That’s how these things operate. While the GOP got angry when people asked questions about the wrong war of choice they initiated, they insist that there are “questions” yet to be answered after a series of investigations, hearings, and more that revealed details about the attack but delivered a giant nothingburger as far as political scandal.

The two major hearings on this so far were supposed to “answer questions” but instead were the usual Congressional exercise in posturing before asking witnesses nominal questions. As previously noted, the back to back Clinton hearings simply allowed the GOP to stamp their feet over losing the election, while yesterday’s show contrasted understandably distraught civil servants with Republicans grasping for this generation’s Whitewater.

So now they have more questions, and we’ll be treated to yet another round of Republicans stoking the fire on Fox News, acting in mock anguish as they just want their “questions” answered.

It’s no coincidence that conspiracy theorists usually go on at length about the “questions” they have. The supposed unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks – “we don’t know what really happened” – are still rolling on 12 years later, and they’ll never stop because absolutely nothing can actually answer them.
The right doesn’t care about the actual attacks, they just want something to compensate for their inability to win a presidential election for the second contest in a row.

They have questions.