Oliver Willis

Barack Obama Was Vetted In 2008. Here’s The Proof.

The idea that Barack Obama wasn’t “vetted” in 2008 is one of the more bizarre conspiracy theories out there. At some level, it’s almost on par with birtherism for sheer absurdity. No surprise, the creators of this false idea are the people at Breitbart.com, who are showing us despite all appearances that the late Andrew Breitbart was something of a firewall who kept some of the more bizarre stuff behind closed doors.

No more. The spit-speckled paranoiacs who yell “War!” and lament the mainstream media’s inability to decipher the feces they’ve flung against the wall are in the sort of frenzy you usually get from shortwave conspiracy radio. At any given moment I expect them to give tips for decorating your fallout shelter after the UN’s black helicopters get down to their real business (hint: FEMA camps).

So far the Breitbartverse has two major lodestones for the vetting conspiracy theory:

That’s about it.

Now, let’s go back in time and examine this rationally. In the course of the 2008 election, Barack Obama’s background was gone over not just by mainstream outlets like the New York Times, but by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the McCain campaign, and the RNC — all groups who had a vested interest in digging up campaign-killing dirt on Obama. They couldn’t even muster a doctored “whitey” tape.

The right is also pushing the idea that Obama’s affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright was ignored by the press. This ignores the mainstream media’s incessant replay of Wright’s remarks, particularly on ABC News. It also ignores the fact that the noise of the coverage got so loud that Obama made a speech about it. It wasn’t as if the Obama campaign said “let’s talk about this man and his relationship with Obama for no good reason.”

Additionally Obama’s past was probed by partisan media outlets — conservative blogs, opinion journals like The Weekly Standard and National Review, in addition to Fox News. None of those outlets had any reason to hold back on an anti-Obama anecdote, story, or more that would cast him in the most negative light possible.

This is a lot like people assuming that conspiracy theories involving multiple government agencies employing thousands of people can be kept a secret, for generations. It just doesn’t happen.

In addition to Obama’s own autobiography, there have been almost as many books written about the life of Obama as any other modern U.S. president, save perhaps for Bill Clinton.

Not to mention the research staffs for multiple conservative radio talk show hosts. Does anyone believe that if a Rush Limbaugh staffer had found Obama’s Secret Plan for Socialism it wouldn’t be out there?

Thanks to the extensive vetting of Obama in 2008, we know more about his unique background than we do a lot of other U.S. presidents. We know about his internal identity struggles, just how much weed he may have smoked, what he did for fun, and on and on and on.

You could even take the weekend and scan through the Wikipedia page of Obama’s early life and career. Feel free to make contributions noting Obama’s mysterious connection to the New World Order.

America is intimately aware of much of Barack Obama’s biography, and vetted him at the ballot box in 2008.