Oliver Willis

Hey, Occupy Wall Street, I Was Wrong

I was wrong about Occupy Wall Street. Well, sort of. I still think that the protesters need to do more to appeal to non-activists out there in the vast middle of the country, but on the flip side they’re doing the right thing by getting out in the street.

The people that caused our recent economic crisis and the economic disparity that preceded it are right out there on Wall Street. They are the 1% who have lorded over the rest of us for way too long. In America you ought to have a decent shot at moving up, and increasingly that avenue is being cut off. Their message may be varied, but I know many of those occupying Wall Street would like to see a return to the American dream. I’m all for that.

The other, less substantive reason I know that Occupy Wall Street is on the right path is due to the intensifying attacks from the right-wing cheerleaders who helped lead America to the brink. When Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Glenn Beck are pounding their fists — the opposing side is almost always in the right. The team that brought you the Iraq War, the Financial Crisis and the Lost Decade is not to be trusted.

If they’re against Occupy Wall Street, I’m for it.