Attack Watch: Latest Made Up Thing For Conservatives To Whine About

Conservatives seem pathologically incapable of attacking President Obama on real issues, even when they have legitimate gripes about him or his policies. Today’s example is the GOP bitchfest over the AttackWatch website.

The site is designed for Obama supporters to send in various pieces of misinformation, lies, etc. and then have them debunked. Obama ran a similar site in the 2008 campaign called Fight The Smears.

Simple, right?

Nooooo. Conservatives are now pretending as if this is an example of Big Brother. They now claim that a web form is on par with egregious violations of civil liberties. I mean, how dare Obama solicit links via e-mail????

Obama has been president for over 2.5 years now, and conservatives/Republicans have yet to attack him with anything that is actually real. Instead we’ve got one made-up thing after another, from “apology tour” to “death panel” to a supposed lack of exceptionalism from a President who regularly extols the exceptional values of America.

It’s all very childish and nonsensical of the right, but it is just what they do.