Obama Vs. Paralysis

President Obama gave one of the better speeches of his political career last night. It hit the right notes, pre-countered a lot of the predictable GOP objections, and gave a strong defense of a progressive agenda. I wish we had seen more of this in the last two years. But that’s the past and we can only fight future battles.

The biggest problem is, of course, that the GOP is unlikely to pass much of this bill. It really doesn’t matter to them that it consists of ideas that they supported in the past, or that it could help America. Their priority is party, not country. The right figures if something is a “loss” for Obama and Democrats, who cares if it hurts the country?

So we will have paralysis. But this President needs to keep fighting even in the face of GOP obstruction. You don’t beat cancer by making accommodations for it. You fight it, and you hope to win.