Redskins Reboot (Again)

Shanahan cleaned out the Redskins.

The team trimmed its roster from 80 players to 53 Saturday, revealing a roster that bears only passing resemblance to what Shanahan used last season. Barely half of last year’s Week 1 roster — 27 players in all — survived on the team Shanahan will use to begin preparations for next Sunday’s season opener against the New York Giants.

While Saturday’s cuts didn’t include any major surprises, the team did part ways with a handful of veterans: linebacker Horatio Blades, safety Chris Horton, nose tackle Anthony Bryant and offensive lineman Artis Hicks. Gone, too, are running back Keiland Williams, quarterback Kellen Clemens and three 2011 draft picks, including Evan Royster, the former Penn State running back who was selected in the sixth round.

I feel pretty optimistic, but I’m a bad barometer because I’m always optimistic in September when it comes to the Redskins.

That said, this team feels the least Snyderiffic of all the teams we’ve had in a long time, and that’s a good thing.

Prediction: 9-7