Oliver Willis

I Support The Death Penalty, Guys Like Rick Perry Don’t Help

I believe that there are crimes that are so evil the only penalty that you can hand out that meets the crime is death. People like Timothy McVeigh, Osama Bin Laden, and Jeffrey Dahmer are perfect cases – in my eyes – for capital punishment.

Which leads me to the case of Rick Perry and Cameron Todd Willingham. The background to the case can be found here or on Frontline (where I first heard about it).

The evidence seems to indicate that Rick Perry had someone killed under murky evidence at best, and in all likelihood he had an innocent man executed while also bigfooting the investigation.

I still support the death penalty, but guys like Perry make it difficult. It should be hard for the state to execute someone. The evidence should be ironclad and airtight (if you remember, there was a delay in McVeigh’s execution in order to deliver documents to McVeigh’s lawyers).

When someone like myself supports the harshest penalty the state can hand down, you have to trust your elected leaders to take that power seriously. Rick Perry doesn’t seem to have done that.