The New Yorker Has Made A Factual Error!

Carmen SandiegoI just sent the following e-mail to The New Yorker. I’m pretty proud of the inherent geekery.

In your August 15 & 22 issue, in the article “Voicebox 360”, Tom Bissell claims that the Carmen Sandiego “cartoon series spawned a videogame spinoff.” This is incorrect. “Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?” the cartoon series debuted in 1994. It is based on the Carmen Sandiego series of video games. The Carmen Sandiego video games began with “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” which debuted in 1985 – almost a decade before the cartoon series. In between the game and cartoon, Carmen Sandiego was also a popular PBS game show for children.

I think this means they have to shut down the magazine. 🙂

Do it, Rockapella.