Thank Goodness Its The Future

All The Presidents Men

I just recently re-watched All The President’s Men (the book is great too). It’s a great movie, and it is in the tradition of smart movies that don’t hold your hand.

But the funniest part about the movie is looking at it from a research perspective. I do a considerable amount of research at Media Matters, using numerous public and private data sources. And I thank God I didn’t have to do this kind of work in the 1970s!

There’s a scene where Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) is looking for a phone number, and he’s pulling out the phone book for each state off of the shelf. Oh my. While I was watching, I yelled at the TV: “Just do a Google search! Google it!”

We take for granted the idea that we’ve got so much of the world’s information at the tip of our fingers 24-7. But we shouldn’t.