Fox News “Concerned Parent” Was GOP Official … Then Had DUI Crash

A few months ago, Fox News’ Fox & Friends hosted a Wisconsin mom named Amber Hahn to tell us just how horrible those liberal unions are. Well, what Fox didn’t tell you is that Hahn is a local GOP official.

And it gets worse. What’s Ms. Hahn been up to?

The chairwoman of the Republican Party of Columbia County resigned Friday after a drunken crash with her three children in her car.

Amber Hahn, 35, of rural Poynette, said she crashed her car Thursday night while driving drunk, but that no one was hurt and that no other vehicles were involved. The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene from the OnStar alert in her car, she said.

Remember this when these people lecture you like they’re your moral betters.
(via Wonkette)