We Are Doomed: Banks Lobbying For More Deregulation Of Derivatives

I would say this is like bashing your head against a wall repeatedly, but that’s downplaying it. I shouldn’t believe this, but there it is.

Federal regulators are considering backing off a plan to curb Wall Street’s control over the derivatives market, another potential win for the big banks.

Last fall, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission proposed rules that would prevent a bank or financial firm from controlling more than 20 percent of any one derivatives exchange or trading facility. Now, regulators are discussing lowering the cap, according to people with knowledge of the matter.


Seriously, deregulated derivative markets have helped to cause one of the largest economic recessions in U.S. history. Sure, Wall Street had a few bumps on the road but they got right back on their feet (with some help from the U.S. taxypayer). That isn’t the case for the average middle and lower class American.

These people were given the keys to the bank, they robbed it, and you’re giving them a second chance.

Do we have a Democratic Republic anymore or a permanent Robber Baron enrichment scheme? Sweet Jesus.