“South Central Tea Party” Is Warmed-Over Black Conservative Recycling

Nowadays, I tend to ignore Pajamas Media. The site is a joke, and their lead blog – Instapundit – doesn’t have nearly the amount of influence he used to (even his hackery apparently isn’t crazed enough for the modern right). But this blog post is stupid enough to take a whack at.

The post heralds the creation of a Tea Party in South Central Los Angeles. It supposedly automatically negates all of the racism we’ve seen from the Tea Party movement. So, who is behind this grassroots conservative effort?

Jesse Lee Peterson.

Yes, the same Jesse Lee Peterson who has been around for years spouting things conservatives want to hear from a black man.

> Jesse Lee Peterson: “I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected by, mostly by black racists and white guilty people.”
> Jesse Lee Peterson: “[M]ost black people today are racist”
> Rev. Peterson cited alleged violence at Superdome to claim that most blacks “lack moral character”

Conservatives often whine that liberals don’t take black conservatives seriously. People like Jesse Lee Peterson are why.