Obama Said No To Cantor’s Can-Kicking

I’m no fan of the concessions Obama has offered to the GOP in order to get the debt ceiling raised, but he’s stated over and over again that kicking the can a couple feet down the road just isn’t going to do — yet that’s what the GOP apparently offered up again.

It was the fifth straight day of talks, but the first in which attendees, speaking on background, were willing to admit that steps were taken backwards. According to multiple sources, disagreements surfaced early, in the middle and at the end of the nearly two-hour talks. At issue was Cantor’s repeated push to do a short-term resolution and Obama’s insistence that he would not accept one.

“Eric don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people on this,” the president said, according to both Cantor and another attendee. “This process is confirming what the American people think is the worst about Washington: that everyone is more interested in posturing, political positioning, and protecting their base, than in resolving real problems.”

They don’t even seem to know who the heck is in charge over on the GOP side. Is it Boehner? Cantor? Or, more likely, people like Limbaugh?

Hell, even with the blue dogs jammed in her side, Nancy Pelosi got bills through the House. Boehner can’t even get a lightbulb bill passed.