Oliver Willis

GOP Could Cause The SECOND Republican Recession

They nearly killed the economy once, their refusal to raise the debt ceiling without more tax breaks for Paris Hilton and Bill Gates could yank the breathing tube again. Talk about a death panel.

If Congress fails to raise the national debt limit by early August, the Obama Treasury Department will have to choose between defaulting on obligations to the country’s creditors — triggering higher interest rates and perhaps damaging the country’s credit rating for months and years to come — or freezing outlays to contractors, entitlement beneficiaries and others who are also expecting prompt payment as well. In either case, the macroeconomic impact will be staggering, according to Zandi.

“I think we go into recession and my forecast would be blown out of the water,” he said. “I think if we get to August 2nd and there is no debt ceiling [increase] and there has to be significant spending cuts, I think even if Congress and the administration reverse themselves days later, I think the damage will have been serious and we’ll probably be thrown into a recession.”

I would advise President Obama to appeal to their sense of patriotism, but who are we trying to kid here?