Oliver Willis

What David Frum Doesn’t Want You To Remember

Today, David Frum is applauding in favor of gay marriage.

But through the fog of time, we remember that it was Frum as Bush speechwriter who wrote about the “axis of evil” (and was reportedly let go after his wife bragged about it).

And in March of 2003 when the Iraq war was in its infancy, he wrote:

War is a grim thing. But it is sometimes a necessary thing — and very often a clarifying thing. We have learned much in the opening hours of this war. We will learn more in the days ahead. When the Iraqi archives fall into Allied hands, we will learn about the complex structure of international terrorism over the past three decades. We may learn something too about the flow of money from Iraq into France and Germany — not only to French and German corporations, but very possibly to individuals, including senior political figures.

We will learn the full horror of what went on inside Iraq. The perfunctory condemnations of Saddam we hear from so many opponents of the war will suddenly look utterly inadequate in comparison to the nightmare cruelty of Saddam’s regime. Perhaps — is this too much to hope for? — the Arab intellectuals who kept silent about Saddam’s cruelty will be shamed out of nationalist pride into moral awakening; a moral awakening that will at last discredit terrorism and open the way to peace with Israel.

Finally, we will all learn something about ourselves and our political leaders. The months since 9/11 have been a moral test. The Bush administration has passed with flying colours. Its opponents have failed. Politics can be a long, slow business. But in the end, moral failure will be held to account — even in Canada.

So guys who enable bloodthirsty warmongering that leads to the deaths of thousands of Americans don’t get a pat on the back, no matter how their new position may be the right one.