Justice League Reboot: New Superman Costume? Sigh.

An image has come out of the new, soon to be rebooted Justice League. Superman is of course front and center.

I don’t like his costume. It looks more like Iron Man style armor than the classic Superman gear. While I don’t expect for the costume to stay static, there is a classicness to the look that shouldn’t be messed with.

Golden Age Superman
The Original: Golden Age Superman by Joe Shuster

The Iconic: Curt Swan’s Superman of the ’60s and ’70s were used in the movies

Reboot: John Byrne’s Superman was part of the 1980s restart of the Superman mythos with Man Of Steel. This is probably my favorite.

Ed McGuiness’ Superman of the 2000s was another, more manga inspired look that I still liked.

And special honors go to

Gary Frank

Frank Quitely

Who, while not “regular” artists on Superman have made work that is seriously “art” in all the ways you can describe it.

Other Superman looks I didn’t really like much: Jerry Ordway (ugh), Dan Jurgens (death of Superman era)