“Struggling” Man In Romney Web Video Isn’t

Mitt Romney has a new web video where a young man claims to be struggling in Detroit’s tough economy. Nobody disputes that Detroit is going through bad times, even when compared to the national picture, but the Wall Street Journal looked into the guy — and found he wasn’t exactly as hard up as he sounded:

But in struggling Michigan, where unemployment is 10.3%, Mr. King’s story doesn’t appear to be the worst.

According to his Facebook and MySpace pages, he graduated just last month from Northwood University in Midland, where he studied accounting, was a residential adviser and mail clerk. On May 6, just as he was graduating, he announced that he “got the job, booya!!!” at Quality Marketing Enterprise, a Midland company.

On June 10, he cut the Romney video, telling his Facebook friends, “Last night went great and I hope that I make the final cut. It would be refreshing to be part of something nationwide. Off to work for the day.”

“Haha I was trying to make it in the video, I was dancing in the Honda Pilot in the drive thru lol. We didn’t know it was you until we drove away,” a friend said, commenting on the video-making outside a Starbucks in Midland.

He’s also a vice-chairman of his county’s Republican party.