Romney Campaign Connected To Karl Rove’s American Crossroads

American Crossroads GPS, the political attack ad organization co-founded by Karl Rove was responsible for some of the most dishonest attack ads in the 2010 election.

Romney is clearly the favored candidate of the Republican country club set, aka the Rove wing of the party. So it isn’t a big surprise that there’s a connection between Crossroads and the Romney campaign. But is it legal?

Carl Forti is the political director of American Crossroads. Coincidentally he’s also the political director for Restore Our Future, a Super PAC that consists of Romney backers. Super PACs, formed after Citizens United, are legally prohibited from coordinating with individual candidates.

Yet, as Ben Smith pointed out, here was Forti talking up Romney after the GOP debate:

Carl Forti, an adviser to Romney’s 2008 campaign who’s now the political director of American Crossroads, said what Romney’s opponents have in common is that they must show they’re ready to compete at the frontrunner’s level.

“It’s up to the other candidates to knock him off the top rung, and at this point the other candidates have shown an unwillingness to even really try,” Forti said, offering that Pawlenty had “whiffed big time at the last debate when presented a great opportunity.”

Forti pointed to the focus on economic issues as a driving force behind Romney’s rise. The former governor has also been helped as a string of nationally known opponents have dropped out of the race.