Oliver Willis

Fearless Prediction: Daniel Bongino Will Be The Latest MD Republican To Epic Fail

Daniel Bongino, a secret service agent, is set to run as a Republican next year to attempt to oust Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.

This won’t work, for many reasons.

Cardin is a quiet, nose to the grindstone progressive-leaning senator. The exact kind of senator Maryland tend to elect time and time again.

Cardin defeated Michael Steele by double-digits in 2006, which is about as close a Republican is going to get in a statewide race in Maryland.

Bongino’s campaign chair is Brian Murphy, who ran for the gubernatorial nomination and lost, even with an endorsement from Sarah Palin.

Bob Ehrlich, who beat Murphy, got his butt kicked by Governor O’Malley.

Did I mention Maryland is a very Democratic state? Furthermore, next year is a Presidential election. An ad or two with the “Obama-Cardin” line should be all that is necessary here.

But I encourage the Maryland Republicans, who must now certainly be the most frustrated GOP state party around, to push this doomed-to-fail candidacy.