Oliver Willis

Karl Rove & Republicans Would Like To Keep Selling You An Excrement Sandwich

Bless Rove’s dark heart. From his Wall Street Journal column/campaign memo:

Next year, Republicans must describe their Medicare reforms plainly, set the record straight vigorously when Democrats demagogue, and go on the attack. Congressional Republicans—especially in the House—need a political war college that schools incumbents and challengers in the best way to explain, defend and attack on the issue of Medicare reform. They have to become as comfortable talking about Medicare in the coming year as they did in talking about health-care reform last year.

There needs to be preparation and self-education, followed by extensive town halls, outreach meetings, visits to senior citizen centers, and the use of every available communications tool to get the reform message across.

This is just another one of the instances in which conservatives insist that conservatism is always right and it is reality that is to blame. For them, conservatism just can never fail. This is why they really don’t think Bush did anything wrong as president besides not be conservative enough — despite all evidence. By comparison, Democrats acknowledge that a lot of things promoted by Dems as part of the Great Society and other initiatives didn’t work, so the majority of Dem leaders don’t support those policies and instead come up with new ideas in an attempt to get the job done.

The Republican proposal to privatize Medicare doesn’t solve the problem and at the same time it is politically a giant smelly turd. But it would be against conservative dogma to pull back on this. They would rather experience a gang of lost elections next year than admit this was a bad idea.

Karl Rove would like to know what would it take to get you to take this crap sandwich off the lot.