9/11 Was Never Theirs, But It Really Isn’t Anymore

The Republican party believes that they, and only they, have rights to 9/11. Take, for instance, this pro-Bush ad run by an outside group with extensive ties to the administration back in 2004:

The height of all this was the 2004 election, when the GOP essentially ran a campaign that all but accused Democrats of working hand-in-hand with Al Qaeda, an extension of the 2002 affair. They believed they owned this issue, and acted accordingly.

They never really did. Al Qaeda didn’t just attack Republicans, after all. But they behaved as if only their opinions mattered, only their strategies were worth pursuing in a global war against terrorism. Even when they made mistakes that led to the deaths of thousands and the escape of Bin Laden, they presented themselves as the party of 9/11 (even when Rudy Giuliani attempted to disappear the attack while smearing President Obama).

But now, thanks to history, they’ve lost it. Bin Laden was killed not on the orders of their “popular wartime president” but rather the signal to shoot Bin Laden in the eye was given by the “socialist” “muslim”. It drives them batty.

That’s why they push crazy, nonsensical theories.

They’ve lost the control of 9/11 they envisioned in their minds. It was never theirs to begin with.