The NFL Doesn’t Work Like This Anymore

Writing about the Redskins drafting LB Ryan Kerrigan, ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha writes:

Anybody who follows the Redskins recognizes this isn’t a team that is one good draft away from being in contention. The Redskins need to find a quarterback now that the Donovan McNabb era has turned disastrous. They have to bolster their defensive interior with Haynesworth’s future in doubt and running back and offensive line are other questionable areas. In a division as competitive as the NFC East, this team won’t be competing for anything for at least another year.

There’s no re-building anymore. There’s no letting your rookie quarterback hold the clipboard. You have to win now in the modern NFL. The idea that bad teams (like the Redskins) should write off a season as a loss before the first snap is foolhardy and economically tone deaf. Fans no longer have the patience to build a franchise, we’ve had too many teams go from “worst to first” for them to accept the cautious team building of a past era.