News Corp. Plays Both Sides Of The Green Issue

My colleague Sarah Pavlus has written a great story on how Fox/News Corp. simultaneously pushes “green initiatives” then attacks them on Fox:

When Murdoch launched his company-wide initiative to radically reduce News Corp.’s carbon footprint and combat climate change, one business expert said that it “could be one of the most brilliant strategic moves I’ve ever heard of.”

With Fox News, explained Joe Priester of the University of Southern California, News Corp. had secured a lucrative spot with conservative consumers but had alienated those at the opposite end of the political spectrum. By launching its climate initiative, the company could make a play for more liberal consumers too.

But now Murdoch’s attempt to promote — and profit from — contradictory messages on climate change could put News Corp. on a collision course with its green-conscious advertisers, as environmental organizations that have partnered with the company start to speak out on the damage being done by Fox News.