Oliver Willis

Michelle Rhee In The Process Of Epic Failing

I’m a big supporter of any move to seriously reform America’s schools, and I certainly believe that some form of union stagnation plays a role in the underperformance of our education system (as does a lack of parental involvement, as well as low pay for teachers). One of the most visible people in this debate has been Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the DC public school system and who – in my eyes at least – was seen as a credible reform advocate before she started peddling her message almost exclusively with the conservative media. And now this:

The District of Columbia’s Board of Education will hold a hearing next week on irregularities in public school test scores, even as former chancellor Michelle Rhee defended the integrity of test results that showed unusual “erasure rates” from wrong answers to right.

“It isn’t surprising,” Rhee said in a statement Monday, “that the enemies of school reform once again are trying to argue that the Earth is flat and that there is no way test scores could have improved … unless someone cheated.”

Rhee is now adopting right-wing style arguing, not actually addressing the questionable results, but instead throwing an assertion out about anyone who would dare to fact check her.