Oliver Willis

Republicans Appealing To Blue Dogs To Avert Shutdown

This says to me that the GOP leadership realizes it isn’t in their best interest politically to have yet another shutdown of the federal government laid at their feet.

Having difficulty finding consensus within their own ranks, House Republican leaders have begun courting moderate Democrats on several key fiscal issues, including a deal to avoid a government shutdown at the end of next week.

The basic outline would involve more than $30 billion in cuts for the 2011 spending package, well short of the $61 billion initially demanded by freshman Republicans and other conservatives, according to senior aides in both parties. Such a deal probably would be acceptable to Senate leaders and President Obama as long as the House didn’t impose funding restrictions on certain social and regulatory programs supported by Democrats, Senate and administration aides said.

The meta-story, of course, is that the House GOP leadership can’t really control the Tea Party crazies that helped them get the majority and have to appeal to the conservative wing of the Democratic party to bail them out.