Evangelical Republicans Not Ready To Pull The Lever For A Mormon

The conventional wisdom is that Romneycare is Mitt Romney’s biggest obstacle to the Republican nomination. I’m skeptical of this. I think Republicans are willing to ignore the similarities between Romneycare and health care reform because that’s the sort of dissonance required to be a conservative nowadays. What I think the religious right wing of the GOP can’t deal with, and it seems borne out by this Pew poll, is that Romney is a Mormon.

Pew finds Huckabee and Romney leading the field among Republicans nationwide, each with around one-fifth of Republicans naming them as their top choice. But there is a religious split among GOP voters, with 29 percent of white evangelicals favoring Huckabee and only 15 percent picking Romney.”

At the same time, the business wing of the GOP would seem to have a harder task bending Huckabee to their will than was the case with Bush and McCain.