Oliver Willis

Proof: Team Issa Thinks Their Big Mistake Was Getting Caught

Yesterday I wrote that in the whole leaked e-mail story with Darrell Issa’s witch hunt committee, the biggest problem wasn’t that these e-mails were leaked – we now know Issa and company knew all about it – it’s just that they got caught this time. They do not care about oversight or being a watchdog. Issa’s committee and his goons are all about jamming up a Democratic president. We’ve seen this playbook before.

I’m somewhat mystified that Issa required an “investigation” to get to the bottom of this, because inside Issa’s office there was no secret about Bardella’s cooperation. When I was writing my profile of Issa, Bardella openly discussed his cooperation with Leibovich—and not just with me, but with his direct boss as well. For example, during a meeting with Bardella and Issa’s chief of staff, Dale Neugebauer, the three of us had a light-hearted discussion about how extensively Bardella was working with Leibovich.

“So you know about this, right?” I asked Neugebauer.

“Oh yeah. Yeah, he knows,” Bardella said.

“He [Bardella] just got to Washington and he’s got a book about him coming out,” I noted.

“I know, no kidding,” Neugebauer said.

David Bossie, Ken Starr, Darrell Issa – it’s the same damn person, just change the names around.