Matt Bai Is An Idiot

The New York Times’ Matt Bai, fresh off his tongue bath/love letter to Chris Christie, had an interview where he exposed the kind of idiotic political thinking required to be a big thinker/writer about politics at the most influential newspaper in the world. When asked how he consumes political media, Bai said, “I don’t read bloggers, generally. I think there are some very good ones, but if you don’t want to become a vehicle for everyone else’s collective wisdom, then it’s best not to consume it, or at least that’s my philosophy.”

I don’t necessarily agree with this, but maybe it’s a viable position to have. But … here’s what Bai says just a sentence before — “I think Politico does a better and better job of rendering Washington in a more granular and very credible way, too.”

Yes, that Politico. AKA conventional wisdom central. But he doesn’t want the horrible blogs to muddy his world view.

Shut up. Just… shut up.