Oliver Willis

Let A Thousand Springers Bloom

A few people are emulating the right’s nanny-state tendencies by opposing a trashy latino television show:

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the National Hispanic Media Coalition want the Federal Communications Commission to shut down “Jose Luis Sin Censura,” a raunchy talk show that might best be described as a Spanish-language version of Jerry Springer’s program.

“We want it off the air,” said NHMC President and Chief Executive Alex Nogales, who called the show “pornography” “Jose Luis Sin Censura” is carried by Liberman Broadcasting’s Estrella TV.

Look, there is room for idiotic television across the racial spectrum on television. Sometimes that’s Jerry Springer, sometimes it’s Maury Povich. In this case its Jose Luis Sin Censura. We should have some venue for people to be absolutely ridiculous across the media.

(via Family Television Council’s Dan Isett, whose organization is king of all the would-be media nanny organizations)