When Did The NBA Lose Its Mind?

I confess: My attention to the NBA was directly inverse to the number of games Michael Jordan played in. Once he finally retired, I lost interest in the sport – I’ve played it for fun, but as a guy shaped far more like an out of shape offensive lineman than an out of shape center, it’s not my favorite sport.

That said, recent events have me wondering what the heck is going on over there. First there was the narcissitic LeBron James sweepstakes, and now comes the NY Knicks heralding the arrival of Carmelo Anthony as if he were some sort of demi-god.

No doubt the arrival of a new, purportedly high quality player is generally a cause for joy among fans but there’s a certain over the top feel to this in today’s NBA. At least that’s how it feels from the outside looking in.

The game is smaller now, particularly as it transitioned into a primarily cable affair, and there’s simply nobody today with the wide appeal of a Jordan or even Rodman. But the sense I get is that these guys are getting their rear ends kissed by the teams more than ever before, and more so than in other professional sports.