Yes, Andrew McCarthy Really Is This Stupid

I must stress – again – that Andrew McCarthy is writing what he writes at National Review as an exercise in what is supposedly the smart guy (and gal) end of the conservative media.

How can Harry Reid continue talking about Republicans wanting to shut down the government as if it were the worst conceivable thing in the world when, as he is making this accusation, Democrats in (now) two states have actually shut down their governments — and not due to a legitimate legislative impasse, but by the illegitimate tactic of fleeing the state to avoid being compelled to do their jobs?

Will somebody explain to Andrew that preventing a quoroum in the Wisconsin state legislature is sort of like comparing a tree leaf to a nuclear bomb? For starters, one is the Wisconsin state legislature where the last time I checked preventing a quoroum on budgetary issues in order to prevent an assault on labor rights bears no resemblance to Republicans once again shutting down the entire federal government, including assets vital to the day to day operation of a nation of 300 million plus?