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Bush vs. Clinton

November 2, 2008 Oliver Willis 3

John McCain has excluded President Bush from his campaign to a far more extensive degree than Al Gore with Bill Clinton. And yet, the ironic […]

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My Anecdote

November 2, 2008 Oliver Willis 5

I just spoke to my 80-something year old grandmother who lives in Georgia. She got her citizenship a few years ago, and recently voted in […]

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links for 2008-11-02

November 2, 2008 Oliver Willis 1

Media Matters Attacks ‘Conservative Misinformation’ Media Matters in the media! True Believers In McCain Flock to Pa. White knocked on the doors of enough bitter […]

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Diabolical Watch

November 1, 2008 Oliver Willis 9

Is Cheney’s last-minute endorsement of McCain a way for Bush to give the finger to McCain, who he never has liked? If so, brilliant.