9/30 The Linkdown

Michelle Obama brings the links future First Lady style

* This ad will win the whole election for Sen. Obama

* Obama: And The Thunder Rolled
Powerful. Our best days are ahead.

* Sen. Obama makes Worst Person In The World!

* Green Lantern movie concept art

* Microwaves are too slow
Bought this t-shirt

* John McCain spore

* Wasilla, Alaska, gadfly goes viral

* Sarah Palin spore

* The McCain/Palin show continues, too bad it won’t be renewed after November (knock on wood)

* Obama Derangement Syndrome Watch

* “Satire is supposed to tear down hypocrisy and demolish abusers of power, but this is a movie version of the The ½ Fox News Hour. It’s a bunch of rich and arrogant people making fun of free speech, dissenting opinions, minorities and being middle class. That’s not to say it couldn’t have somehow worked, but Zucker is a poor marksman and his shotgun approach winds up shooting himself instead of making a point.”
Conservative humor will work when conservatives quit trying to shove GOP talking points down your throat and go for the funny first.