9/29 The Linkdown

Redskins cheerleaders celebrate the slaying of the Dallas Cowboys by bringing you links

* Photoshop contest: Your last photo

* “There’s nothing to do here but what we are doing. We’re not going to follow him down this path. There’s nothing to be accomplished here by making a show of imposing ourselves in the process.”
No drama Obama.

* I’m like his apprentice, a padawan of Chief Zee”
Crazy ass Redskins fans

* Skins over Dallas gets top billing in the Post

* Some on the right are joining a chorus of criticism over Sarah Palin
Joe Biden, on the other hand, does us Dems just fine.

* Fox ‘News’ Spikes AP Story on Conservatives ‘Questioning Palin Heft’

* Small conservative newspaper goes Obama

* McCain’s bizarre earmark obsession

* The disappearing Bradley effect

* Minority voting issues… in Greenbelt, MD?

* Downtown Silver Spring folks for Obama

* Pray for Sarah Palin!
Every time the wingnuts try to say they’re mainstream, we point to nuttery like this