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links for 2008-07-30

July 30, 2008 Oliver Willis 3

Christian Soldier Is Behind the Obama Smear Video McCain Goes Negative, Worrying Some in G.O.P. One of Fournier’s job options: McCain Guy running AP was […]

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McCain's Oil Gusher

July 29, 2008 Oliver Willis 9

One candidate is getting backing from the oil industry in such a disproportionate way. So the American people should ask themselves: Do you really think […]

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Disciplined Democrat

July 29, 2008 Oliver Willis 2

Paul Waldman on how the Obama campaign isn’t like your ordinary Democratic campaign. Perhaps the most important difference between the two campaigns lies in their […]

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July 29, 2008 Oliver Willis 3

What we are witnessing here is the end of the Republican party. Despite the too-soon proclamation of the RNC catching up to the left online, […]