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I Do This Because You Are Dumb

June 8, 2008 Oliver Willis 0

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard: “Republicans face more scrutiny on race than Democrats.” Me: “Yes!” In the language of law enforcement, you round up the usual suspects.

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For A Laugh

June 8, 2008 Oliver Willis 4

Check out this interactive infographic from the NY Times on how various demographics voted during the primaries. Then click “Blacks”. Hehehe.

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McCain Ads

June 8, 2008 Oliver Willis 7

Before you e-mail me, yes I know they’re there. Hey, Senator McCain’s money is well spent, especially considering how much of it his campaign has. […]

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links for 2008-06-07

June 7, 2008 Oliver Willis 5

Kim Kardashian still exists. Good. Barack Obama’s bipartisan record ยป SPOTTED: STACEY DASH AT PHOTOSHOOT FTW Grace Park Goes Topless Cylon trickery. “Ron Paul Republicanism […]