Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr. AKA “Gitsy,” My Dad. 1948-2021

Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr. AKA Gitsy

His given name was Lloyd Oliver Willis. People called him Gitsy, Lloydie, and Lloyd – but I had the great honor of being the only person in the world to call him “Dad.” I’m the reason for the last 44 years he’s had to add a “Senior” to his name. Because I’m Lloyd Oliver Willis … Read more

Molestation Scandals Threaten GOP Attempt To Rebrand As Party Of “Parents”

Jim Jordan

The surprise victory of gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin in Virginia has had some Republican leaders publicly considering a rebrand of the party as a party for “parents.” But a series of scandals involving child molestation, as well as rhetoric sexualizing underage children, could threaten the tactic and a possible “red wave” in the 2022 midterm … Read more

Fox News Puts Gun Sights On Parents To Attack Attorney General Garland

Fox News superimposed gun sights on parents at school board meetings as part of the network’s attacks on Attorney General Merrick Garland. fox news this morning literally showing attorney general merrick garland putting parents in the target of gun sights. this channel is beyond sick and twisted. pic.twitter.com/n5tcR4jY4G — Oliver Willis (@owillis) October 28, 2021

Trump Effect: Teacher Called Muslim Student ‘Terrorist’

A teacher in New Jersey has been suspended after referring to a teenage student as a ‘terrorist.’ “A school district in Bergen County said it has suspended a teacher who is accused of telling an Arab American Muslim high school “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” in response to his question about homework. Ridgefield Memorial High … Read more

Congresswoman Slams Fox News For Pro-Insurrection Special

Fox News is being condemned for an upcoming Tucker Carlson that is sympathetic to the January 6 Capitol attack. “Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) condemned Fox News for enabling Tucker Carlson to spread “lies” and conspiracy theories about the storming of the U.S. Capitol. On Wednesday night, Carlson previewed “Patriot Purge,” a three-part documentary series that … Read more

GOP Disrupting Classroom Learning So They Can Win Elections

Republicans are now invading kids’ classrooms as part of a desperate bid to win back electoral power. “In May, parents angry over a proposed plan to address racism in Southlake’s schools propelled a slate of conservative candidates into office. Today, that parent anger, along with the state’s new limits on how teachers address controversial issues, … Read more

Reporters Ignoring GOP As Democrats Work On Plan To Fix America

Reporters are ignoring Republicans on Capitol Hill as Democrats work on their plan to fix the country. “Sidelined by budget rules that give majority Democrats full control over the social safety net bill they are trying to push through, Republicans are strictly spectators as they revel in the internal Democratic disputes, snipe at the emerging … Read more

QAnon Cult Plot To Control Election System Exposed

Donald Trump at 2016 Republican Convention

QAnon cultists are plotting to take over the US election system, a new plot reveals. “A coalition of right-wing MAGA candidates, including multiple Trump-backed candidates, are seeking to take control of elections in states across the U.S.—and one says they’re formally working with a group of conspiracy theorists, as well as with a QAnon influencer … Read more